Inspired by Davido’s epochal influence in the music industry along with a strong background in inspiring and realizing potentials in rising talents – and Martell’s origin of redefining conventions, Martell, one of the oldest of the great cognac houses is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new campaign; “Be The Standout Swift”, starring singer-songwriter and record producer, Davido

A “Standout Swift” is someone who charts new paths, conquers the unfamiliar, and faces the world with courage and audacity. As the lead Standout Swift, Davido will collaborate with Martell to inspire others to be resilient, bold, and dare to create their path. The message is clear; in a society where there are so many expectations and conventions, we must embrace the spirit of audacity and challenge the status quo.

In a film directed by Meji Alabi, Davido demonstrates that the true journey to success is for the benefit of many. This comes through with the introduction of Liya, a rising talent, who Davido has been mentoring and supporting.

‘’We understand the limitations that exist for the typical Young Nigerian living in Nigeria, but we also know that what makes a Standout Swift is a can-do spirit that Davido is about” says Sola Oke, the Managing Director of Pernod Ricard.

“Inspired by the Martell Spirit, Martell is proud to share our history and essence by challenging Younger Nigerians to own their narratives and join Martell in being bold about how far they’ve come’’

Davido has steadily risen to become one of Africa’s most known musicians over the last decade. Despite his privileged background and illustrious family, he defied society’s expectations and forged his route in the music industry. He has not only continually elevated the bar, but he has also provided many possibilities for Nigeria’s talented musicians and creatives.

“I am proud to go on this incredible adventure with Martell, as I know we are pursuing the same goal: opening the way for others, each within our own creative field. We share the same idea that we rise by lifting up others. Through my songs, I want to show the new generation that anything is possible. That’s what I love about Martell’s history and expertise: the capacity to continually reinvent tradition,” says Davido