The docuseries chronicles the personal and political journey of former US president Barack Obama.

HBO’s Peter Kunhardt directed documentary series ‘Obama: In Pursuit Of A More Perfect Union’ is set for release.

The three-part series will air from August 3 – 5, 2021 and stream exclusively on HBO Max. Ahead of its anticipated premiere, HBO recently debuted an official trailer.

Produced by George Kunhardt, Teddy Kunhardt, Matthew O. Henderson, the docu will showcase interviews, conversations among Obama’s friends and critics alongside his speeches and news interviews.

The series reportedly also showcases the former Potus’s childhood exploring some of his early idealisms, views on race and his struggle with racial identity.

Obama: In Pursuit Of A More Perfect Union’ is executive produced by Peter Kunhardt, Andi Bernstein, Mona Sutphen, Jelani Cobb and Jacqueline Glover.

Watch the trailer: