Yvonne Orji said she was scared at first to perform in front of Nigerians.

Nigerian-American actress Yvonne Orji has revealed that she discovered comedy while competing at a Nigerian pageant show

Born in Port Harcourt but raised in Laurel, Maryland in the United States, Orji started in entertainment as a comedian and has found success.

She has gone on to become an actress, featuring in the popular television series Insecure.

Currently promoting her new book ‘Bamboozled By Jesus’ the 37-year-old was a guest in Ellen Show, where she revealed how she started in comedy.

While competing in the Miss Nigeria in America pageant, she discovered that she could do comedy.

Two weeks before the pageant they were like ‘what’s your talent’ I was like ain’t gat one. Cause as a child of an immigrant, your only talent is getting straight As in your report card,” she told show host Ellen DeGeneres

Tasked to come up with something to do at the competition, the actress said she prayed and the Holy Spirit told her to do comedy.

She was initially scared to do standup at the comedy because as she puts it “Nigerians are not forgiving people’ so she was scared of performing for them.

She eventually did, and that’s how she went into standup.

In 2020 she released her first comedy special, ‘Momma, I Made It!’ on HBO.