The movie star gives some pointers on making a relationship succeed.

Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai has lamented how difficult it has become for the new generation to find love

The movie star made her fear known via her Instagram Stories over the weekend.

“Everyone should be allowed to marry who they love. This thing called age is just a number. Love is hard to find in this generation. Sometimes you can hardly find love and money, so you have to choose,” she wrote.

If you get lucky, you find both but no attention. Hence we say be independent so your choices aren’t limited. But no one has the right to judge anyone for remarrying who they love, even if it doesn’t work out later. Enjoy it for the period you have it and keep it moving.”

Afegbai has become quite frank about relationships in recent times.

It would be recalled that a few months ago, she sparked a discussion after she slammed men who go after financially stable women with plans to settle with them.

According to her, men who are comfortable with their bills being footed by women are vegetables.