There’s a slow poison that crept into the minds of progressive youths and this poison can remain potent in the bloodstream of its prey for years. This poison is called ‘COMPARISON’. It has cost many youths their true sense of existence. They’ve sold their originality to buy an expensive fake.
Comparison may be the reason why you’re not where you should be. It could be the reason why you always feel less all the time.

Your friends are into a particular marketing business and cashing out steadily. You think you can also try the same thing but you don’t really know how to go about marketing, in fact you are not even outspoken. You decide to learn it and for about 6-8 months you do not make any sale. Now you look frustrated!
You’ve lost touch of your originality!
Do you know what 6-8 months will do for you if your focus was on your strength and not weakness?

The person that compares himself with another person is not wise.
Focus on who you are. Learn the patterns of that your path because people have gone ahead of you. Master your own uniqueness!
Leverage on it and you’ll be just fine!
Comparison will not only frustrate you, it may kill you.


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