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In a world where everyone is encouraged to be hardworking, I would rather that you embrace efficiency.
Hard work is as simple as the two words it’s made of ‘Hard Work’. Doing something with all your power, giving it all that it takes, grinding! It doesn’t necessarily state whether it is right or wrong, whether it’ll yield maximum result or not. Although the expectation is that it yields.

Is it not surprising how some people end up being frustrated after putting so much work into a business enterprise or an academic pursuit with results being far less than expected? These people have fulfilled every term and condition of what we call ‘hard work’ but they have nothing to show for it.
Some aged will explain to you how they hustled and struggled in their youthful days and you look at them with pity because you are not seeing the reward of that labour. They were not necessarily wasteful. In fact most of them lived the best economical life. What exactly was the problem?
The result of labour is reward. But labour does not mean exhausting yourself.
As people in the 21st century, our greatest tools for reward is our mind.
Okay, let’s get practical!

You should constantly look out for better ways to do what you are currently doing. How do I create more time to rest?
How do I achieve more wit this time?
How do i grow my current income stream?
Be open-minded!
Don’t just wake up and start the same cycle of exhaustion you went through the previous day. You’ll wear out quickly.
If you don’t wear out, you may grow old in regret. Be smart about your life.

There are easier legitimate ways to make money.
Create time for yourself.
Create time for your family and children.
Looking for the best way to solve a problem while achieving the best result is EFFICIENCY.
Did I say don’t work? No!

Champ, grind efficiently!
Be Smart!

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