Makinwa says it took the fire service 20 hours before responding to a fire incident in her house.

Media girl Toke Makinwa has called out the fire service department after they failed to show up immediately after a fire incident at her residence.

In a series of tweets shared via her Twitter page on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the media personality slammed the organisation for its delay in putting out the fire.

Nigeria is jokes man, this is a fucking movie. There was a fire at my house last night, thank God it was curtailed, emergency fire department was called guys guess what time they strolled in to my house? 1pm today,” she tweeted.

This country is designed to frustrate you, you call on the fire department and they show up almost 20 hours later asking questions like “who put out the fire”? I am still shocked.”

5 fire fighters in uniform walk up to me talking about can they inspect the location of the fire outbreak?? We needed you at 10pm last night you didn’t show up, we fought to contain the situation and you want to inspect what exactly??? This country is pure cruise.”