Vanessa Olu Williams popularly known as Vandora, is a beautician and Vlogger.
Had her elementary and junior high school education in Nigeria before moving to South Africa. In South Africa, she attended Table View High School, Cape Town. Then, proceeded to AAA School of Advertising, Cape Town, South Africa, for her university education. She bagged a degree in Marketing Communications with a major in Brand Management.
Vandora who loves to blog for passion, maintains a make-up related youtube cahnnel where she commands a large audience talks about her career and lifestyle exclusively with Phylix’s Blog.

Phylix’s Blog: What are some little known facts about yourself you would want others to know about ma ?
Vandora: I don’t really know. (Laughs) There is nothing that people already don’t know. You know i genuinely like to be happy and do things that make me happy.However, i don’t like stress most importantly.

Phylix’s Blog: What are your hobbies and does this help you with your creative work mode ?
Vandora: I like food ! (Laughs) I like enjoyment and love to eat good delicacies.

Phylix’s Blog: What motivates you as a social media influencer and importantly as a vlogger ?
Vandora: What really motivates me is the ability to influence or change someone’s opinion into a positive or make them see things different. One thing about human beings is that we can make houses on our head, like making things bigger than they are. So, its the opportunity to actually help change that perspective or move that persons mind away from that thought and influence them positively. That’s what motivates me.

What’s your opinion on reality TV shows?
Vandora: I love reality TV shows. Have watched them since I was young and till now. I think its an insight to life towards helping one to become a better person and helps in one’s relationship with others. However, its entertaining and fun adventure.

What are your hobbies and does this help you with your creative work mode ?
Vandora: My hobbies includes chopping life “(laughs) I’m really a simple person. I love movies, reading and love talking to people, like engaging their minds towards positive resolution. My hobbies doesn’t necessary help me with my creative work mode but its does. In fact, but it not really or its something I do to relax and take away from that time yeah.

Most importantly, How do you handle stress and pressure ?
Vandora: Oh God! Well, I feel we handle stress and pressure depending on one’s age and life situation. I’m a little bit of a control persona. But have learnt that I can’t control everything and can’t control everybody likewise. So, on some things you just need to breathe. I just relax by taking two steps backwards for proper examination.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?
Vandora: To relax and trust the process in order that I don’t stress out on what i’m doing and what i’m not doing, because till now i’m still figuring out it now and that’s life, you will never going to be satisfy. You will always want to more and that’s why its best when you do want you want to do and enjoy the time because that time will be lost and you will never get it again.

What is your favorite thing about the YouTube community?
Vandora: The favorite thing about my YouTube community is that the community happened to be one of the most supportive spaces I have. So, regardless of how I treat them they always treat me nice, they are always positive, the comments is always lovely and always pushing me to do more. Apparently, there is nothing as sweet as that. So, I think it’s the energy of my community is what I love the most.

Do you have any tips or advice for others who are just starting a YouTube Channel?
Vandora: Honestly I would say that you should be yourself, trust the process and don’t give up.
Just keep doing it ! Yeah.

Besides, when is your first video for the year coming out ?!
Vandora: My first video of the year will be coming out shortly and I had a lot of things planned because have already shot alot of videos but I changed my mind about what exactly I want to start selling in times of YouTube content and i hope you guys enjoy it because it’s going to be fun like Vandy vibes fun.

How do you decide what to tape on a given day?
Vandora: I preplan what I want to film because i already have a list of about forty videos ideas. So, i just pick one and film for that particular day.

Do you ever get tired of videotaping things and if so, why?
Vandora: Yes I do. Videotaping don’t always come out the way you want. So, it’s really frustrating at times but you know anything worth doing is worth doing well. Suck it up, get on with your life and just produce.

There is something unique about the expression on your face when you talk on your channel that intrigues us. Could you explain it ?
Vandora: Laughs! There is nothing unique about my face, its my face and I’m the only one with my face. Well, if you find that interesting thank God because he created him. Laughs!

Do you have a favorite personal quotes you either heard or have made yourself ?
Vandora: It would be simple.
“To be happy all the time is to accept that you are not happy all the time and simply to chose to be happy”. So, that will be my favorite quote.