Etomi and her hubby Banky W welcomed their first child a month ago.

Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi has shared photos documenting her journey from pregnancy to childbirth and motherhood.

Etomi and her hubby, Banky W, welcomed a baby boy a month ago.

In a series of photos shared via her Instagram page on Sunday, February 28, 2021, the movie star shared photos of the different stages of her pregnancy back with a story for each photo.

Pic 1: worth the wait. Had to wear a maternity belt because pelvic, back and waist pain wanted to finish me. (2 weeks before).”

Pic 2 : feeling myself after my hospital appointment but also exhausted🤣. (Quarter to drop).”

Pic 3 : 2 days before Zaiah came. A day before my water broke. (7 months into my natural hair journey….Again),”

Pic 4 : Papa staring at Zaiah in amazement. A few minutes after he was born. I was EXHAUSTED

Pic 5 : Looking at our boy😍.”

Pic 6 : How it’s going.”

“Ps. Being pregnant during a pandemic was HARD but we bless God. Shout out to all the mummies that are doing it/did it.❤ ~ Mama Z #mamaZtiwaonline,” she concluded.

The couple got married in 2017 and welcomed their first child in 2021.🥰🥰🥰