Duncan Mighty says a lot of diabolical items (Charms) were found in his house after his wife ran away.

Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty has continued to call out his estranged wife Vivien and her family for trying to kill him.

In December 2020, the music star accused his wife of infidelity.

In a post shared via his Instagram page on Sunday, February 7, 2021, the music star revealed that his estranged wife and her family poisoned his food and bathing water for two years.

Vivian Nwakanma and her family you’ve not started running yet if you like run to the moon the wrath of GOD must surely hunt you, people, you poisoned my food and bathing tub- water for 2years and 11months but exactly when you, the charm ànd poison was due for results, GOD ALMIGHTY stood by me,” he wrote.

“If you people have succeeded in killing me you would have told the world I died of hard drugs but MERÇY SAID NO. Imagine unimaginable charms upon charms that have been discovered since you ran away.

“What if I don’t have video and àudio plus pictures evidence of your live confessions you would have responded to all but instead you and your family ran away to an unknown destination, The GOD that saved my life hàs heàled me. Wherever you run to people will still recognize you and call you MURDERER that you are. I SHALL RECOVER ALL IN JESUS NAME AMEN #duncanmighty #mercysaidno #conqueror #nopeaceforthewicked.”

According to him, they planned to use diabolical means to eliminate him to take over his properties.

It didn’t end there as the singer dropped another bombshell after he revealed that his last child wasn’t his.