The actress has warned upcoming to actors to steer clear of the veteran actor.

Nollywood actress, producer Kemi Lala Akindoju has called out veteran actor Femi Durojaiye for demanding money in exchange for film roles.

Akindoju tweeted on Saturday after a post Durojaiye shared on Instagram began to gain momentum among upcoming actors. In the trending post dated January 29, the veteran actor asked upcoming actors to pay N35, 000 to join his ‘movie projects’.

According to Akindoju, Durojaiye’s actions were fraudulent as actors need not pay to audition or get a role in Nollywood.

In his defense, the veteran Nollywood actor has claimed that the charge is to position interested persons for the right roles where they will get paid and to sponsor his movie projects.

“I will push forward those with me first for those jobs. You become my personal responsibility. And should you also want to learn anything behind the camera, you can learn it hands-on from the top professionals who shoot my Movies”, the actor wrote in response to a critic.

We’ve done the first Project and immensely proud that one of the ladies who came on my movie project played one of the 5 lead characters. An opportunity Nollywood never gave her. You don’t have to come to me, you can always attend auditions which is free.

“But if you’ve given auditions all your best & yet your career isn’t going anywhere, then come to me. You’re absolutely responsible for how you legally navigate your career in Nollywood. My advise? In Nollywood, be in the crowd but never never follow the crowd or the noise. Nobody cares about your career but yourself”.

Akindoju’s tweets have, however, gained momentum with young actors sharing th eir experience with Durojaiye’s model of recruitment.