The ace broadcaster has opened up on preparing for her acting debut in Play Network Studios’ ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’.

In 2020, Play Network Studios unveiled TV host, Idia Aisien as the leading lady in their anticipated remake of Nollywood classic ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’.

For a first time actress, a lead role can be quite challenging and Aisien admits it took her several auditions, an acting coach and interestingly, an Igbo tutor to be able to pull off the character Nneka Agu.

Aisien recently hosted pressmen to a private screening and interactive session where she detailed her role in the supernatural thriller. To deliver what she admits was the most rigorous job of her career, the media personality revealed she was determined to prove herself in an entirely new space. So when the invitation for an audition came, she plunged headlong.

“I remember I would sit on the floor and ask my acting coach questions. Till today, I am taking acting classes. Like I am just one of those few people that are dedicated. In every single industry that I have worked in, everyone can attest to that fact and I think that’s what helped me so far.

I have never considered taking No for an answer. If I didn’t get Nneka, I promise you, I would have gotten another movie and it would have still been a lead because I am very pushy”.

So why acting? This is one of the most frequent questions the former model has gotten since ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’ premiered in December 2020.

After years of building a successful brand as a media personality, Aisien shared that she wanted to take on another challenging career path.

Speaking of challenges, playing an Igbo speaking character with no prior knowledge of the language was one task Aisien agrees gave her sleepless nights. The Lagos born and US schooled model had just three months to learn her Igbo lines.

Reacting to a journalist’s question on learning her Igbo lines as a non-native speaker, Aisien said: “As you can see, not a lot of time but I think three months. Definitely learning Igbo was one of my challenges and having to work with people who are way more successful than I am”.

Post her acting debut experience, Aisien insists she will be returning to the screens. “I am terrified but I absolutely want to do it again!”

The Tosin Igho directed remake of Zeb Ejiro’s 1992 classic is still showing in cinemas nationwide. It follows the story of an orphaned child who discovers her connection to the marine world and embarks on a battle of revenge.