Akpofure says immediately she turned down the sexual advances from one of the company’s executive, the deal ended abruptly.

Former housemate of the reality TV show Big Brother Naija, Venita Akpofure has recounted how she lost a real estate deal after she turned down sexual advances from a staffer of the company.

In a series of tweets shared via her Twitter page on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, the movie star narrated how a promising deal went sour after she turned down sexual advances from one of the company’s heads.

This industry is not beans. All is smoke and mirrors. I prayed to God to be able to provide security for my girls. Some time ago I was to go into business with a real estate company. Was so excited for my first home which was heavily discounted on the journey of independence,” she tweeted.

The company was well established and boasted a roster of worthy influencers. I was welcomed and I felt at home with the brand. Unfortunately for me the “media head” who also has a similar industry background, decided I looked like his ex-wife and carried my matter on his head.”

Even when I was gifted penthouse hotel experience for my birthday, he insisted on spending the night as “he couldn’t go home and had early island appt”. I actually left the whole suite for him and went home as I will not subject myself to any inappropriate circumstances.”

“I decided he had really crossed all professional boundaries and honestly he was not any way involved with my dealings because I had a direct plug. I reported him to the CEO. He was asked to vacate my suite immediately the next morning. And was infuriated.”

Stay woke! Stay consistent and stay resilient. I don’t regret my experience as I learned from it. It’s better to die standing than begging on your knees for anything you believe in or have worked for.”

She went on to admonish women who have at one point or the other planned to give up because of the challenges faced in their careers not to give up.

“Why speak on this now? So many women in Africa work HARD! Check the stats! Even the pioneers we know have been duped, taken advantage of, inappropriately approached, been cheated. Yet the black woman is the most abused on the planet.”