Check out these five exciting facts you probably did not know about ‘The Milkmaid’.

Desmond Ovbiagele’s trailblazing feature film ‘The Milkmaid’ made the rounds in 2020 with its long list of award recognition and the highly coveted spot as Nigeria’s second Oscar best international feature film submission.

The movie based on the compelling story of two Fulani sisters whose lives are torn apart by insurgents will reportedly open in cinemas this year with its official premiere set for Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Ahead of its theatrical release, Pulse lists five exciting facts you need to know about the multiple award-winning film:

1. The lead actress learnt to milk a 700-lb cow on set

Away from ‘The Milkmaid’ being Anthonieta Kalunta’s debut film role, the first-time actress also learnt some valuable skills on set. One intriguing skill which she insists was one of her most cherished, was learning to milk a 700-lb cow as well as whipping together a sumptuous bowl of fura da nono, a northern delicacy.

2. The lead actor is an accomplished wrestler

Aside from being a rather good actor, Gambo Usman Kona, who plays the lead male role in ‘The Milkmaid’, is also an accomplished freestyle, Greco-Roman and traditional wrestler, with a bronze medal to his credit on behalf of Taraba State at the National Sports Festival.

3. ‘The Milkmaid’ broke a seven year AMAA record

The Milkmaid’s claiming of the top prize of Best Film at the 2020 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) was Nigeria’s first triumph in that category in seven years since Kenneth Gyang’s ‘Confusion Na Wa’ in 2013.

4. Journey time from the Taraba state capital Jalingo, to the spectacular Mambilla Plateau where a number of scenes in the film were shot, is a mere… seven hours

Imagine! In that same time, you would have arrived in London from Nigeria and taken a shower. Well, almost.

5. ‘The Milkmaid is a 100 percent non-English film

If ‘The Milkmaid’ does not win the ultimate prize of Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Oscars, it will not be because of ineligibility of its dialogue soundtrack per Academy regulations. There is not a single syllable of English or even Pidgin in the entire film. 100% non-English language (Hausa/Fulfulde/Arabic).