The music star says Chioma started receiving several hate messages after the video for his hit song ‘Assurance’ was released.

Nigerian music star, David Adeleke also known as Davido has revealed how featuring his fiancee, Chioma in the video of his hit song ‘Assurance’ affected their relationship.

The hitmaker made this known during an interview with Bolanle for Ndani TV‘s ‘The Juice.’

“I remember when we shot the video, it was actually just a joke and jokingly I asked her to shoot the video with me. At first, she was like no, because at that time she was at Babcock and she might get kicked out of school and her parents didn’t really know that she was seeing me,” he said.

We did the video and then it dropped, it was crazy. And over time, it affected our relationship. Because she’s getting messages from like 5k people that don’t have faces to their accounts, saying nonsense, hate messages.”

Even her parents use to get hate texts. It affected our relationship a lot because, before the Assurance video, stuff was so cool. The relationship became a public relationship.”

When asked if he feels the pressure to get married to Chioma, the music star said even though he was initially, that is no longer the case for him and his fiancee.

“I did but now we don’t. I actually did feel pressured but at the end of the day, it is between me and her. It’s not our parents, the public, or our siblings, it is between me and her,” he said.

Davido went on to say that at the moment, getting married is of the table;

“I’m so happy that now she’s getting into the money, we are trying to build a house too. Just trying to make the foundation so solid and not just do something because we are riding on the wave of what people want,” he added.

On his relationship with his baby mamas, the awarding-winning singer said their relationship remains cordial.