Two years after King Of Boys hit our screens for the first time, the effect of the thriller still lingers. And with wild anticipation for the sequel, KOB Army is one step closer to seeing the magic unfold again!

Director extraordinaire, Kemi Adetiba announced on her Twitter and Instagram page, that shooting has finally wrapped up. Now fans can rest assured that King Of Boys II, is closer than ever. The question is, are you ready??

See what Kemi had to say:

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On the 30th of October, I shot one of the most insane scene sequences of my career as a director/writer/producer. After battling the most INSANE traffic, we shot all through the evening/night at a sketchy part of Lagos, in a damp, dark, mosquito infested, accident prone warehouse, and wrapped at 7:40am… But as my friend @amaechiokobi would say "that's not the story". The real story revolves around these incredible, young minds in the picture with me. God sent me ANGELS for KOB 2, Yo! From the incredible, dedicated CAST, to my strongest support – the dedicated CREW warriors (the real #KOBArmy⚔️) 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 – I've been blessed. But do you know how I confirmed God was really on this project? He sent me these guys. These young, energetic, CRAZY minded guys. The @thecritics001 (represented by @_godwinjosiah and Raymond) flew in ALL the way from Kaduna TWICE, and stayed for days to consult on the VFX for this film. To say they are geniuses, is an understatement. @itsjblaze (who also won the #KOBstayHomeChallenge and featured as an actor in the film) came through to consult on the crazy action scenes in the KOB sequel (GUYS… Jide is simply BRILLIANT!!!!!!! Hire him to come through for your action sequences ASAP!!)… and my Michael @amapsalmist aka "My Silver Bullet" who has been my creative rock through this process… 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Not shown, but very much a part of the process, and ingrained in the young movement is our "tall wonder" (aka KOB's J.Cole) @oluwatimayomikun. These new cats are doing some INSANE stuff with their minds, and their creativity these days. It was both a pleasure and an honour to learn at their feet. Thank you… Thank you… THANK YOU, Guys!!!! #KOBARMY⚔️ #KOBSequel #KOBSEASON #KOBFamily

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