The celebrities like most Nigerians are clamouring for a total reform of the Nigeria Police Force.

Several Nigerian celebrities have joined the #EndSars protest across Lagos state with one voice.

According to these celebrities, the message is clear, which is to end the police brutality on innocent Nigerians and the clamour for the total reformation of the Nigeria Police Force.

The protest which took place at the Lekki toll gate axis of Lagos saw celebrities like Timi DakoloPeruzziSeyi Law, and a host of other celebrities lend their voices to the #EndSars protest.

For Dakolo, Nigerians have can no longer deal with the overzealousness and highhandedness of the Nigeria Police Force.

“I cannot see a policeman and be scared. I cannot be shivering when I see a policeman. No, No No…this is not the first time they have disbanded SARS. 2016 they disbanded SARS, 2017 they disbanded SARS, 2018 they disbanded SARS, 2019 they disbanded SARS. They disbanded SRAS in the morning, in the afternoon they were shooting people. No, my brother, we can’t do this anymore,” he said.

Comedian, Seyi believes that until the government fully implements the five demands of the Nigerian youths on police reforms, the protests will continue across the country.

We go show them for 2023 say our voters’ card dey talk. Any politician wen nor support us now we go show am. We go show them say we nor go gree. Until the government meets our five demands we won’t stop protesting. But if they don’t meet these demands, we won’t stop protesting,” he said.

In the same vein, Peruzzi says the youths will continue to come out in their numbers every day until their demands are meant.

The idea is that they feel and know that we are not joking out here. The youths are out here and it has been amazing even though we’ve had a couple of confrontations with the police but thank God we’ve been able to sort that out without any violence. We are going to say the same thing, end SARS. If they don’t end SARS, we are going to come out here tomorrow, till they listen,” he said.

On-Air personality, Nedu of Wazobia FM says a total constitutional amendment is the only way police reforms, will be achieved.

End SARS, a new constitution amendment, police reforms, that’s all I have to say. We’ve had end SARS several times, give us a constitution amendment because, without that, we cannot see change,” he said