As the protests against the brutality of the SARS officials continue to grow, we will be updating this list with dates and venues for easy access to young Nigerians across the world who may wish to join.

Remember, if you cannot physically be at a protest there is still so much you can do to lend your voice to the movement. Click here to find out how else you can be an ally and an advocate.

Also, here are a few tips for all protesters:

  • Wear a mask (We are very much still in a pandemic)
  • Do not wear your protest shirts until you get to the venue
  • Do not leave the pack as there is strength in numbers
  • Ensure your phones/devices are charged
  • Always let someone you trust know your physical location as the protest moves
  • Have water and snacks ready
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Do not wear contact lenses
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are neutral and not identifiable
  • Have a handkerchief or scarf to cover your face if necessary
  • Carry a small umbrella in case of rain
  • Go with a positive and peaceful attitude
  • Do your due diligence before going to the venue of a protest
  • Be attentive to the people around you and how you can offer help
  • You can write phone numbers of important contacts like your mum or lawyer on your arm, leg, or belly in permanent marker in case you lose your phone or it dies and you need to call someone to get you.

We’ve got this!