Kenneth Gyang has revealed that there will be more collaborations with EbonyLife films but no plans for a sequel.

Gyang made the revelation in an Instagram LIVE chat with film critic, Oris Aigbokhaevbolo where he answered fan questions about the trending film.

Reacting to a question about a possible sequel, Gyang shared: “To make everyone happy, and maybe for closure, there is no any plan for a part two or anything like that for Òlòtūré. We actually delivered what we set out to deliver and that’s it”.

He added that the end reflects the ‘unfairness of life’ and is typical of his film endings. “From ‘Confusion Na Wa’ to ‘Òlòtūré’, it is what I see around. I mean the unfairness of life is all around us. There are other films that make you happy”.

The filmmaker also reacted to some negative reviews the film has received since its Netflix premiere.

On why the character Alero (Omoni Oboli) smoked a cigarette in every scene she appeared in, Gyang revealed the seasoned actress first suggested the idea of smoking in every scene albeit not being a smoker in real life.

He further disclosed that the smoke did well for aesthetics, another reason he let it fly. Òlòtūré tells a story based on sex trafficking and stars Sharon Ooja, Omoni Oboli, Omowunmi Dada, Lala Akindoju among others.