Laycon emerged winner of the 5th season of the Big Brother Naija show with 60 percent of viewers votes.

This season of the Big Brother Naija reality show had its undisputed winner long before Sunday night’s announcement.

Laycon struck the right chord from the show’s opening night. First social media reactions revolved around the reality star’s conspicuous jacket to his appearance.

Probably the most unassuming contestant of the season, Laycon struck the right chord down to his opening night outfit. Here is a timeline of Laycon’s journey to winning the show.

Laycon’s Infamous Jacket

The 26-year-old was the 19th housemate to be ushered on stage on the season’s opening night. His outfit, a black jacket fitted with light bulbs, had viewers raging on social media.

Laycon the Brainiac

For the most part, Laycon’s first social media reaction was not all love. The star singer got trolled for his jacket and his physical appearance. But, that promptly changed when the winning housemate began to interact with other housemates. The tides promptly turned in Laycon’s favour after he spoke about his academical successes and musical prowess.

Laycon the lover man

Weeks of a deep-seated but ill-fated entanglement with Erica unexpectedly won the superstar singer more fans who peddled various narratives in the defence of their favourite.

The Laycon and Erica fight

The drama between Erica and Laycon is unarguably the biggest highlight of the Lockdown season. The actress had gone on a full-blown onslaught targeted at Laycon over claims she tried to kiss him several times.

Erica’s outburst later led to her disqualification, a move that sparked a major uproar.

Laycon the uber-talented housemate

An indisputably tough game contender, the winning housemate made about N5,031,000 from sponsored tasks. He impressively performed as a singer, actor, composer, poet and performer.

Laycon’s Genotype

While this may not have directly influenced his win, Laycon’s revelation won many critics over to his side as it gave perspective to his appearance.

With the show over, Laycon takes home the coveted N85 million prize alongside other winnings from the show. The reality star also emerged the first in Big Brother Naija history to win with a 60 percent margin.