TrikyTee speaks with Phylix’s Blog about surviving eviction on several occasions, staying away from entanglements and his new found fame.

Ever met someone for the first time and their personality just oozes of positive vibes? Yes guys, from the moment TrikyTee walked out of the hotel lobby to the location for our interview, it was all about banter exchanges and rib-cracking jokes.

As we settled down to chat, you could feel the excitement from the reality TV star on his newfound fame and celebrity status. It was only normal to ask him how the reception has been for him since leaving the house.

The reception since I left the house has been mind-blowing. I really am shocked! Like I’m shocked. Like is it me or somebody else? The love, the comments from people, my Tycons they came through for me. I am seeing people from countries I have never been to before, sending me love, sending me shoutouts. I am overwhelmed,” he said.

TrikyTee went on to say that he doesn’t feel any type of way for leaving the show just a week to the finale. According to him, he is grateful and blessed for all the love that has been showered on him.

He also mentioned how his social media presence has grown in just two months; “Me that I’ll post a picture, I’ll get just 20 likes now I’ll post a picture and I’ll be seeing 50k plus likes! From where? How? I’m still trying to process everything, I’m not going to lie,” he said.

We asked the 13th housemate to be evicted from the fifth season of Big Brother Naija about the vibes he brought to the show and if there were natural or another strategy to score points.

“That’s just me, that’s my person. I’m sure that anybody that has met me in the last two days would know that I’m just like that. I bring in that energy, I bring in that vibe. When I’m in a place I just find it normal to mix with people. I believe all humans are equal, I treat everyone equally. When I come to a place, I don’t care about your status, I just mix with everybody, that’s how life should be,” he said.

TrikyTee was described as the man with nine lives during his stay in the reality TV show. Because not many believed he would make it past the third week after facing possible eviction on several occasions.

The reality TV star says he didn’t even think he would stay that long as he thought he would just spend a few weeks and hopefully get noticed by a few people before getting evicted.

Wow! Honestly after that third week when I became a regular, in fact when I first came up in eviction class, I was like ‘okay o, dear Lord, anyhow e be, be o’ but then there was the fourth week, I survived, the fifth week I survived, the sixth week and am like, Okay,” he said.

“Honestly I didn’t think I’d get this far. I just thought I’d go in there, do my little bit, get something, maybe a few people will know me and come out. I didn’t know I’d come this far. I’d say God literally had back. I can say personally that God answers prayers.”

One housemate who stayed away from all the entanglements in the house was TrikyTee. We asked him why and how he was able to isolate himself from the relationship dramas while in the house.

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First, I’m a very confident person. My happiness is not dependent on another person. I don’t need another person to be happy, I can just be happy by myself and that was what really helped me. So I didn’t need to belong to a clique to be happy or to belong to a particular set to feel fulfilled. I tried to be close to everyone, so that was how it was for me,” he said.

TrikyTee says even if he wasn’t in a relationship he would have waited till the end of the show before hitting it off with any of the housemates he liked.

“It takes time for me to fall in and out of love, so these nine weeks is not enough for me to fall in love with anybody. I will just like you but I won’t be able to say Oh I love you…please! I’m not built that way,” he said

He however hinted that if he wasn’t in a relationship, he would have started something with Wathoni.

TrikyTee says he is happy for the platform given to him by the organisers of Big Brother Naija. He believes the platform has given him all that he needs to expand his career as a creative director.