Letter to the SUICIDAL

Hey you, it’s me
I know the pain you feel,
The pain that makes you wanna kill,
To kill yourself and your dreams.
I know how you feel.

I know you hold the knife
and it’s obvious it’s your life
But please listen to my plight
And drop this fight.

Don’t ignore the signs
Just know you’ll be fine
It looks like there’s no time
But definitely God has a plan.

Popping those pills,
won’t change how you feel,
Nether is it going to heal,
Cause I don’t think you’re sick,
You just have to chill.

There’s so much love for you,
I guess you don’t even have a clue,
A clue of much it joins us like a glue,
The love of Christ is not a flu,
He knows how you feel.

Look at all the bright places,
And know that all this are just some phases,
Ending your life isn’t the way to face this,
Talking to someone might be way in.

There are no 13 reason why you should,
If Hannah Baker knew she won’t have conclude,
Think about your parents and your brother Moshood,
If there’s a better way to say it I would.