Did you know that Adesua Etomi sang in a church choir for 10 years?

Nollywood screen goddess, Adesua Etomi, is the subject of Know Your Celebrities this week.

In this column, some unknown facts about a celebrity are highlighted.

Etomi needs no introduction as she has over the last few years, become one of the most sought after actresses in the industry. We think everyone in the country might know all about the gorgeous actress.

However, Phylix Blog has been able to squeeze out some more interesting facts that you may not know about her.

1. Left-handed

There is a belief that most people who are left-handed are not just like regular folks. For many, this special group of people always end up becoming great and important figures in the world. We have past and serving world leaders in this category.

Well, Etomi is a proud leftie and we can confidently tell you that she isn’t just a regular actor. The Nollywood movie star is one of the A-list actors in the country at the moment…#TeamLeftie

2. Plans to open an orphanage home

It is common among celebrities to set up foundations to help the less privileged in the society. Sometimes these goals are achieved while for others it never sees the light of the day.

Etomi believes she is going to be a mother to many kids. During an exclusive interview with The Guardian newspaper in 2017, she revealed that she was going to set up an orphanage home within 10 years.

“At some point, my ten-year plan, maybe even less, is to open an orphanage, I love children and I am very passionate about people and children that need help, so I feel like I am going to be a mum to many.”

3. Quit job in the UK for Nollywood

The list of celebrities who left their successful 9-5 jobs to pursue their passion around the world is endless. It has practically become the norm for some celebs who delved into the entertainment world from their corporate jobs. Etomi sits pretty well in this group.

She left her job in the United Kingdom for Nigeria to pursue her dream; “I can’t explain it—I felt I had to go back to Nigeria,” she said during an interview. Well, to her fans, that was probably one of the best decisions she made in life.

4. First-class graduate

If Etomi was to apply for a job at any production company, her résumé would definitely blow the minds of the interview panel. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the soft-spoken actress isn’t just talented but a smart young lady.

She obtained a diploma in “Physical theatreMusical theatre and Performing arts” from City College Coventry in 2004. After completing these courses in 2006 with triple distinctions, she studied Drama and Performance at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with first-class honours.

5. A former ballet and gymnastics student.

We feel if Etomi hadn’t taken acting seriously and moved back to Nigeria, she still would have become a famous public figure. Just so you know, the actress says she used to take ballet and gymnastics classes back in school.

In an interview back in 2017, Etomi said she wished she had taken those classes more seriously. Who knows…maybe she would have represented the country at one of the Olympics.

6. She sang in the church choir for 10 years

It is safe to say Etomi is not just good at her craft but a multi-talented celebrity. It is no news that the gorgeous actress has a very soothing voice as we’ve seen her perform alongside superstar husband, Banky W.

Interestingly, Etomi’s music talent didn’t just start as she starting singing from a tender age. According to her, she sang at a church choir for ten years. Can you beat that?

7. Voice over artist

Etomi is an exceptional actress! Check! She is a singer! Check! She probably would have represented Nigeria in the Olympics if she had taken gymnastics classes seriously.

We are so sure many people aren’t aware of the fact that the AMVCA winner is also a voice-over artist. She has worked with several multinationals and brands where her voice-over expertise has been put to use…more money in the bank!