Nengi and Ozo’s night time conversation has once again set their fans on the edge.

Lockdown housemates, Nengi and Ozo are the perfect description of ‘it’s complicated’ and their fans can swear that they are content viewers signed up for this year.

After a task-filled day, Nengi spent a few minutes of their night time explaining her conspicuous closeness with already entangled housemate, Kiddwaya.

According to the week’s deputy head of house, Ozo and other housemates can rest easy as her relationship with Kiddwaya is simply platonic even though he matches her ‘energy’. “Kidd is just like my play partner. Don’t take us seriously at all. He’s the only person that matches my energy. We’re just friends,” said Nengi.

Recall Nengi made a show of her first night in the HOH lounge after creating pillow demarcations between herself and Ozo.

Meanwhile, Tolanibaj came under fire for her Tuesday cultural presentation. The housemate’s inability to sufficiently describe her Yoruba culture had viewers in the emotions, emotions that grew into Twitter reactions.