Big Brother returned from his holiday with a gavel for erring housemates.

The excitement from Big Brother’s return was marred by his straight to ‘judgement day’ session.

All housemates felt the brunt of Big Brother’s gavel but Erica turned out to be the worst hit after she received two strikes for breaking the house rules on whispering and misusing the head of house lounge. She now has one more strike to disqualification.

While Ozo also got a strike for whispering, the week’s HOH and Deputy, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj got punished for violating Big Brother’s rules on the HOH lounge. According to Biggie, the housemates put their ‘desires’ before the rules.

For the violation, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj were banned from participating in the HOH games for two weeks and one week respectively. The duo can also not be nominated as deputy.

Other housemates were not left out of Big Brother’s judgement as he announced the loss of their Thursday wager for their unruly behaviour. The housemates will also have to make do without hot water in the bathroom for two days.

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