He spoke about his new single, ‘Tattoo,’ working with Olamide on the new album and more.

On August 20, 2020, Nigerian singer, Fireboy DML will speak with DJ Cuppy on her show, ‘Africa Now,’ which airs on Apple Music.

During the conversation, Fireboy discussed a handful of topics;

New Single, ‘Tattoo’

“I wanted to change it up, these conceptions about me. People take me for this lover boy, calm, blah, blah, blah guy. But, no, I think people are really misconceiving a lot about me. So I just wanted to flip the switch and just show another side, like you said, the darker side of myself. So, I think it’s all part of me.

“This is a very steamy R&B vibe. It’s unlike any song I’ve ever done before. It’s unlike any stuff I ever put out before. I just love different vibes and I think I proved myself to an extent with my first album.

So, people should just let me express myself for this sophomore, please. I just want to make music, and just diversify, and just enter untested waters. I just want to do stuff, because that’s how you know the true worth of an artist, to me.”



I think I’ve had two collaborations out so far. ‘Ogaranya’ with Reminisce and ‘Wickedest Wyne’ with my friend Cracker Mallo. Two beautiful songs, and I just wanted the fans to just relax and I know that, okay, I’m not going on this solo run forever.

There are collaborations and I’ve been working with people! And of course, ‘Feel Good’ from the ‘Original Copy’ album is coming out. So much stuff for the fans. I’ve been working with a lot of people and of course on my sophomore album, I collaborated too. So, the fans will be relieved to hear that.

“It’s not just a solo album once again. I’ve got a whole lot of stuff lined up for the fans, and collaborations, I’ve got that sorted out. They’re good to go. This year and beyond, man, we are collaborating because there’s so many talents out there that I need to work with.”

His Relationship With Olamide

Olamide is such a man. He’s a business man, he’s a father figure, he’s so principled. Sometimes his presence is just enough. Sometimes it’s just a few words he has to say to calm me down. He knows the right words to say. He knows when he’s needed and when he just needs to be in the background.

New Album is called, ‘Apollo’

I’ve always been a fan of Greek mythology since I was a kid. I was a nerd, always reading about this Greek mythology stuff. So, I have become a fan since. So, I think this album is just different from my debut album, ‘Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps.’ And when I dropped the album, I just made music and just put it out there, and then the fans…

It’s a big deal, they almost put it on some pedestal. And I feel like the fans kind of made it… they kind of worshiped the vibe. So, I just felt, “Well, I feel like I’m in some god mode right now.” So, that’s the mood I was in when I was making my sophomore album. Basically, ‘Apollo’ is the god of music, poetry, muses, and stuff, so that’s just where the inspiration comes from.”