Next International Brands, marketers of premium wines and spirits recently introduced Russia’s No. 1 premium Vodka, Russian Standard Vodka (RSV) into the Nigerian market. Russian Standard Vodka; with its natural ingredients brought together at the state-of-the-art distillery in St Petersburg, passing through a proprietary distillation process more than 200 times to arrive at a state of near-celestial purity and smoothness which prides itself as the standard expected of Vodka.

Backed by a rich Russian heritage since 1894 and complex technology, Russian Standard Vodka is the way Vodka should be. The Russian Standard Vodka variants in the market are Russian Standard Platinum, Russian Standard Gold, and Russian Standard Original.

The Managing Director, Next International Brands, Wale Dosunmu stated,

We are excited to bring this sophistication and distinct offering to the Nigerian consumers (as is already being enjoyed in over 80 countries across the world) which is to truly raise the standard and vodka experience in Nigeria. Since its short entry, Russian Standard Vodka has gained a lot of acceptance from socialites and top consumers. Currently, a campaign is on to foster robust grassroots campaign in bringing the brand closer to consumers through events online and offline to help create demand, as well as a strong social media presence to create product awareness.