Love struck Laycon has revealed Erica would not have been his choice of deputy had he won the HOH games.

While Laycon might be seemingly head over heels in love with Eric, he recently admitted to buddies, BrightO and Praise that he would have opted for a tactical option had he won Monday’s HOH games.

The conversation that followed Erica’s anticipated choice of Kiddwaya as her deputy, saw BrightO and Praise advising Laycon to move on from his love interest especially as she has proven to be not into him.

Amid the chat, Laycon revealed that while he would have opted for Kaisha as deputy, he strongly believes Erica just needs a little more pressure to succumb to his advances.

Erica, on the other hand, revealed during today’s early morning workout session that her first night in the HOH lounge required all the restraint in the world to resist Kiddwaya’s advances.

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