Erica has gotten candid about her feelings for Laycon.

An all new love triangle may have developed in the Lockdown house and this time, Erica, Laycon and Kiddwaya are on the spotlight.

Last Sunday, Laycon took BrightO’s advice and poured out his heart to Erica amid her quite obvious connection with Kiddwaya. His move was unfortunately ignored.

Hours ago, the singer made his second major move that did not end as he expected.

Influenced by Kaisha’s suggestion that he makes Erica pick a side, Laycon took the bull’s horns and admitted to Erica that he genuinely wants an opportunity to love her.

He also revealed how her constant display of affection with Kiddwaya puts him in an awkward place.

Unsurprisingly, Erica once again turned down his request while revealing that she was not available for a romantic relationship in the house. She also admitted to being physically attracted to Kiddwaya and mentally attracted to him.

Highlights of Day 16

1. Kaisha got her first strike for violating one of the house rules. According to Big Brother, the housemate woke up later than the stipulated time for all housemates.

2. This week’s HOH, Ozo, turned 28 and got celebrated by the housemates.

3. The housemates continued their rehearsal for their upcoming Thursday wager task, a play directed by Trikytee.

4. Wathoni revealed to BrightO that Nengi and Tolanibaj seem to have some vendetta against her. For Tolanibaj, she suggested that it may be because of Prince while for Nengi, she revealed she was just as puzzled. Their late night conversation comes in the wake of an argument that ensued between Vee and Wathoni over Ozo’s bed space