The Neo and Vee situationship may be headed for a premature end.

housemates Vee and Neo [Multichoice]

After day nine’s revealing diary sessions, it appears some of our favourite situationships are now on the brink of a collapse.

Sadly, housemates, Neo and Vee got into a silent war that prompted emergency counselling sessions with Lilo and Eric. While pouring out her heart to Lilo, Vee admitted that she may have come on too strong in her relationship with Neo and that she was finally ready to allow it take its due course.

A clearly upset Neo, on the other hand, shared with Eric and Lilo, his plans to kick Vee out of his bed. Minutes after blowing hot, the couple were seen in bed, having a conversation under the duvet. But, that may not have ended well as the couple did not curl up in each other’s arms for the night.

The latest saga has unarguably got fans talking. Check out some Twitter reactions: