It seems like the Ozo and Nengi ship has already been christened by Twitter NG. How do you like OZONE?

The love triangle between Ozo, Nengi and Dorathy recently took a surprising turn following what Ozo believes to be influenced by a third and maybe, fourth party.

In a conversation with Dorathy, who he long friend zoned, Ozo tried to rein in his emotions as he blamed Prince and Kiddwaya for his sudden coldness. He accused the housemates of constantly frustrating his attempts to have private moments with Nengi.

Interestingly, Nengi appears to be oblivious to Ozo’s latest heartache. During a conversation over dinner, she shared her surprise at his mood swings especially as they are just friends.

Away from the zoned couple is Dorathy who may have fully assumed the position of shrink, best friend and confidant amid Ozo’s struggles. Recall that the housemate had, a few days ago, begged to be removed from the brewing triangle.