Adams Ibrahim Adebola (born 5 May 1988), popularly known as VJ Adams, is a Nigerian video jockey, television presenter, entrepreneur, musician cum executive producer. His journey into limelight came after he contested at the 2008 edition of Next Movie Star West Africa. VJ Adams is renowned as a presenter on Soundcity TV, a Nigerian music channel based in Lagos. He co-anchored the Official Red Carpet at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Award with Nollywood Actress, Alex Okoroji and co-anchored 2014 edition of City People Entertainment Awards ceremony which was held in Lagos.


What were you doing before show business?

Vjadams; Before show business, I used to run a game centre, I was about 15 to 16 years old when I started to run a game centre. I did a diploma in civil engineering when I was at the University of Lagos. That was the first work I did before I ventured into showbiz.

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What is your educational background?
Vjadams; I have a diploma in civil engineering from UNILAG, then I did a certified broadcast short course with the British Broadcasting Corporation here in Nigeria.

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What project launched you into the limelight?

Vjadams; I can’t really say this was the exact project that launched me into the limelight but the first project I got on was ‘The Next Movie Star’ in 20018.

What has changed for you since you became a celebrity?

Vjadams; Nothing has really changed. I try to maintain a level of sanity irrespective of the level of fame that comes with my status. I still love my family, I still pray as I used to if not more. The odd side of being a celebrity is that because you are in the public eye, people judge you for what you know nothing about.

What were some of the challenges you faced while rising?

Vjadams; I face the typical challenges that people face when they are rising. For me, my parents said this was not a career path but a hobby. The challenge of not earning what I deserved early enough at that time. I was owed salary for about eight to nine months before things began to materialise.

Are you fulfilled as an entertainer?

Vjadams; For me, there is always something bigger to look forward too but I am grateful for how far I have been able to come from television to radio, to merchandise, fashion, advertising, DJ and the rest. I am grateful but there is always something bigger to look forward to. I am not comfortable with little success.

What other aspects of entertainment do you still want to venture into?

Vjadams; I want to make my movies; I want to do more advertisements. Going forward, I am excited about those two aspects.
Who are your role models?
Kanye West, Jammie Foxx, Will Smith, PDD, the thing common to all of these people is that they pursued more than one path and they are successful.

How do you survive competition?
Vjadams; I stay in my lane, I am the first of my kind; I am not in competition with anybody but myself. I admire people, I celebrate them but I compete with myself.

What will be your advice to the up and coming artistes?

Vjadams; Up and coming talents should do whatever they are doing for the right reasons. They should not be comfortable with the little success and they should know that there is something to look forward to. In as much as God puts his blessing on anything to be a success, it is also important for one to also work hard.
Speaking further, he revealed the most challenging aspects of his music career so far.

“The most challenging part of my music career is the transition from making music without putting my vocals on it, then to putting my vocals on it. Of course, I was worried of how people will receive it. Even though for most part of being in the studio, I get excited but knowing fully well that i made success from TV first before my music. Usually, Nigerians would be like ‘Stay and do one thing’, but of course, I’m not about that lifestyle. That transition from just putting out music and then putting my vocals on it was really a bit challenging”, he said.