For this list, we will be looking at five relationships from the reality TV show that ended sadly.

Some of the most admired relationships in the house surprisingly went sour [Instagram/MiracleChukwu] [Instagram/NinaIvy] [Instagram/CeecOfficial] [Instagram/TobiBakre]

Since the first season of Big Brother Naija, one interesting feat about the reality show has been the romantic and sexual tensions it has created among some of the reality TV stars.

Some of these reality TV stars ended up in relationships that went from lovey-dovey to the unexpected cat and rat story.

For this list, we will be looking at five relationships from the reality TV show that ended sadly.

1. CeeC and Tobi

Tobi and CeeC [Instagram/TobiBakre] [Instagram/CeecOfficial]

When the third season of Big Brother Naija kicked off, one thing that struck fans and viewers of the show was the number of very good looking housemates. While housemates were settling down into the show, Tobi and CeeC were finding warmth in each other’s arms.

Cee-C and Tobi having one of their fights
It didn’t take long before the two became the first lovebirds from that season. Surprisingly, that relationship didn’t even last long as it was marred with conflicts. The two ended up becoming hostile towards each other till the end of the show.

2. Miracle and Nina

Miracle and Nina [Instagram/MiracleChukwu] [Instagram/NinaIvy]
Another interesting relationship that everyone found very endearing during the third season of Big Brother Naija was that of Miracle and Nina. The two hit it off the moment the show started as everyone saw Miracle as Nina’s Knight in shining armour.

There were however some unresolved issues as Nina was in a relationship before coming to the house. That didn’t stop the two from showing off their newfound love for each other.

Miracle and Nina in the Big Brother Naija house

Well, Miracle ended up as the winner of that season and it is not clear how things went sour for them. There was no public drama unlike some of the other guys on this list. Nina is now married and recently welcomed her first child while Miracle is in a serious relationship.

3. Elozonam and Diane

Elozonam and Diane. [Instagram/Elozonam] [Instagram/DianeRusset]

When Elozonam joined the rest of the housemates at the fourth season of Big Brother Naija, Diane categorically made it clear that she was not interested in light-skinned guys. Well, we guess she was only trying to avoid the inevitable.

The two who started as close buddies and later metamorphosed to lovebirds. After the show came to an end, it was assumed that Elozonam and Diane were going to be the next big celebrity couple.

This wasn’t the case as, during the reunion of the housemates from the fourth season, Elozonam said Diane betrayed him. He revealed how Diane became entangled in a romantic affair with a Nollywood movie star.

4. Bisola and Tony

Thin Tall Tony and Bisola [Instagram/ThinTallTony] [Instagram/IamBisola]
The second season of Big Brother Naija saw the introduction of some of the most interesting housemates the reality show has ever had. One that list were Thin Tall Tony and Bisola. They both became inseparable the moment they set their eyes on each other. However, Tony hid the fact that he was married with kids from Bisola.
The moment Bisola came out of the Big Brother house and found out that her in house lover boy was married with kids, that ship sailed. Tony was criticised online for pretending and deceiving Bisola about his relationship status.

5. Omashola and KimOprah

Omashola and KimOprah [Instagram/Sholzy23] [Instagram/KimOprah]
Unlike the other guys on this list, Omashola and KimOprah didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the house together as a couple. It was because Kim was among those housemates who got evicted from the house early in the fourth season of Big Brother Naija.
Kim Oprah and Omashola [Instagram/KimOprah] [Instagram/Sholzy23]
The couple reunited at the end of the season and continued from where they stopped. KimOprah even accompanied Omashola to the palace of the Olu of Warri where he was honoured by the king.
Even though many believe this relationship never happened, Kim still announced that her relationship with the Warri born reality TV star had come to an end.