Catch the highlights from the the latest episode of the Pepper Dem reunion show

Tuoyo, Kim Oprah, Mercy, Isilomo [Instagram/@ittuoyooficial, @kimoprah, @mercy_eke, @king_isilomo]

Drama is great for television, every once in a while but sometimes, games just suffice and that’s pretty much how episode 23 went down.

The housemates shared their thoughts on Saturday nights with Jackye making a shocking revelation about why she hardly ever danced. Another major highlight asides a few minutes dedicated to a thrilling game initiated by Ebuka, was Isilomo revealing what influenced the infamous moment she yanked her wig off her skull at her live eviction. Catch the highlights:

Saturday Nights

Most of the housemates agreed that the first few Saturday night parties were absolutely boring but for Mercy and Tuoyo who constantly brought on their A-game.

Jackye recalled a sexual assault experience [Instagram/@jackyemadu]

The conversation switched to the party poopers and top on this list was Jackye and her constant drive to have the sole seat at the club every other Saturday night. In her defense, she recalled a sexual assault experience that made her weary of dancing publicly or drinking excessively. Too bad it had nothing to do with thoughts of her computer.

Still on Saturday nights, Mercy admitted to taunting her beau Ike especially her lavish show of affection towards Tuoyo on one of the party nights.

Kim Oprah stunned housemates when pulled off her wig [Instagram/@kimoprah]Ebuka’s game entailed asking the former housemates to accurately define types of parties. Male losers had to choose between eating paper or 20 push-ups on one hand. The ladies, on the other hand, had to eat the question paper or take out their lashes or wigs. Ike got away with five push-ups, Kim stripped her skull of her wig while Omashola and Mercy opted for the paper snack

Live Eviction and life after

Isilomo [Instagram/@king_isilomo]
Spotlighted for this part of the show were Kim Oprah, Isilomo and Joe who took turns to explain the reason for some of the live eviction reactions. Isilomo claimed the infamous wig moment was to suppress the feeling of nervousness she felt from being on stage. After their eviction, Kim revealed she thoroughly enjoyed the housemates and stuck to her TV while Isilomo just couldn’t wait to see the curtains close. Talking about that, here is ours!