Kayode Kasum’s ‘Sugar Rush’ recently premiered on Netflix to quite the social media reception.

Despite the varying reaction, the comedy caper rose to number one spot in Nigeria and number seven spot in Kenya.

Like the genre, the movie had an abundance exaggerated humour but beyond its humour, it delivered some exciting feats we bet you didn’t know. Check out these exciting fun facts:

1. Tobi Bakre was pushed through sugar glass

So it wasn't even real glass ? [Adesua Etomi-Wellington/ Sugar Rush movie]

If you ever wondered how Andy was pushed through a glass window without sustaining major lacerations, you may need to take that much deserved deep breath. The glass in the scene was made of sugar!

2. Uzor Arukwe used the voice in ‘Sugar Rush’ to lighten the mood on the set of ‘Unbroken’ series

Uzor Arukwe‘s character in ‘Sugar Rush’ is arguably the most captivating for his dramatic voice. Turns out the actor had played around with the voice to lighten the mood on the set of Africa Magic’s ‘Unbroken’ series. During talks about his character, Knight, Arukwe and producers agreed the voice was a perfect fit.

3. The colours worn by the Sugar Sisters was selected based on their personalities

The Sugar Sisters played by Adesua Etomi, Bisola Aiyeola and Bimbo Ademoye [Sugar Rush Movie]
Bimbo Ademoye‘s pink hair and multi-coloured outfits crashing against Adesua Etomi‘s dull colours were selected to represent their characters’ personalities. Bola (Bimbo Ademoye) is vibrant and playful . Shola (Bisola Aiyeola) is also playful but has a level of maturity hence the vibrant and and sometimes dark colours. Sussie (Adesua Etomi), the eldest and the more mature sister settles for beige tones.

4. The actors’ reaction to the car blowing up was real

The scene where the red car explodes in ‘Sugar Rush’ was no effect and the actors’ reactions was genuinely from fear. One of the reasons the film’s makers opted to blow up the car was in a bid to make the scene as realistic as possible. That is among other pointers of course.

5. William Uchemba’s character originally had an English name

Williams Uchemba and Mawuli Gavor play EFCC officials 'Sugar Rush'  [Sugar Rush movie]

The character Obum was not always Obum (feel free to insert your favourite English name). Uchemba christened his character Obum. According to Sugar Rush director, conversations about a name change occurred after Uchemba had been cast for the role.

‘Sugar Rush’ is currently streaming on Netflix.