The Nigerian brothers are said to be pulling away from testifying against the movie star in court over the treatment they are getting from the police.

The men who allegedly attacked Hollywood star, Jussie Smollett in 2019, are said to be no longer interested in testifying against him.

The two brothers, Abel and Ola Osundario are now reportedly unwilling to testify against the actor.

PageSix reports that the brothers have changed their minds because they feel as if police are still treating them as suspects and are withholding possessions they had taken from them during a February 2019, raid of their home.

It’s been over a year and they need to give us our stuff back,” Abel said.

It would recalled the brothers had said that they were both paid $3,500 to attack Smollett in what the actor claimed was a racist and homophobic attack against him back in January 2019.

According to TMZ, the brothers told the jury that they staged the so-called “attack” and even got paid for it.

The brothers were caught on camera buying a bunch of supplies before the incident including ski masks, gloves, bandanas, sunglasses, and red hats.

The ‘Empire’ actor was later indicted by a jury on a sixteen count charge for spearheading his own attack, a claim he has continued to deny.