Passion for lust
Pleasure that comes at a cost
Making you feel so lost
Taking you off the course
An action you can not trust.
It cuts deeper and deeper
Like a barber clips with a clipper
The desire always to see her

I mean hold and feel her
Lotion and soap are like treat
Making Search histories a secret
All the urge you feel just to please
A sickness you need to treat
Making you feel like your goal is the clit
Not knowing it’s all deceit

Great men had fallen because of it
Homes have been broken, unable to be fixed
Against it sermons has been preached
A real threat killing from the inside
The version of man that’s only seen in his flip side

An addiction so real by which lives has been ruined
A cause for concerns and prayers
Support groups even Deliverance
War against the soul
Thy preacher of love isn’t lust.