An all new episode of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show premiered on Monday, June 15. Here are the highlights.

If you are looking to find some red pepper hot drama from episode eight’s ‘sisters only’ zone, now might be the best time to retrace your steps.

While there were a number of drama inducing scenes, principle players chose diffusion in the stead of confrontation and the ones who had their engines fired up couldn’t sustain the energy.

The episode as show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu disclosed, was dedicated to subjects around women lifting women and on former female housemates. Tacha, Avala, Ella, Mercy, Venita, Thelma, Jacyke and Kim Oprah were in attendance to address some of their infamous moments of distrust, clap backs and side talks. Check out the highlights:

Avala talks getting blocked by Ella

There appears to be no love lost between former housemates, Avala and Ella and the episode was prime time to hear them talk about their rift.

While Ella admitted that she was constantly misunderstood in the house, Avala picked up to share how Ella enjoyed complaining instead of putting in the work and that was a huge turn off for her. Another hit on the Avala and Ella union happened after the latter blocked the former on Instagram.

Thelma versus Tacha’s infamous ‘Fish saga’

Ebuka recalled the Big Brother fish argument between Thelma and Tacha. Thelma revealed she had to waddle through a good number of “fish girl” comments on social media upon leaving Big Brother’s house.

For Thelma, requesting for fish in the house was for her a confrontation and not an attempt to draw attention to herself. She was genuinely upset that she didn’t get some fish. Tacha surprisingly took the high road, refusing to weigh into the matter.

Kim said Ella said Tacha dealt with hygiene issues

Ella and Kim Oprah had a go at each other over their private turned public chat about Tacha’s personal hygiene. Oprah revealed how Ella had the conversation with her and because she felt cornered , spilling the bad beans was her best bet.

What was supposed to have caused a volcanic eruption scale drama ended quite anti-climatically as Tacha once again took the road of silence upon accepting Ella’s apology.