Here are five celebrities from reality TV shows who have kept everyone glued to their phones because of the controversies surrounding them.

One of the easiest ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria is to take part in a reality TV show.

Now what this means is that you have to hopefully get into a reality TV show, find a way to win the hearts of millions of reality TV die-hard fans and you are going to be the toast of the media and everything has to do with fame and wealth.

However, some reality TV stars turned celebrities have found a way to become very popular not exactly for their talent or character rather they have become famous for all the wrong reasons.

More interesting is the fact that after their exit from reality TV, they didn’t just stop being themselves, rather they have continued to exhibit and reveal a lot more of their controversial sides.

Here are five celebrities from reality TV shows who have kept everyone glued to their phones because of the controversies surrounding them.

1. Tacha

Natacha Akide was just a social media influencer until she took part in the fourth season of Big Brother Naija. Tacha as she is popularly called became the most talked about reality TV star in less than three weeks of her stay in the house. She was a mix of everything reality TV stands for which includes originality, boldness, and drama.

Well even though she won for herself a lot of fans because of her perceived boldness and no-nonsense character, a lot of people saw it as overbearing and for others, it was just arrogance. She left the show unceremoniously after she was disqualified over a fistfight with Mercy.

Tacha has remained one of the most popular celebrities over the last year. She has made the headlines over clashes with former reality TV stars and other celebrities. Her fans have continued to remain loyal and go after anyone perceived to be a hater.

2. CeeC

When Cynthia Nwadiora also known as CeeC made her entrance into Big Brother Naija’s third season, not many thought she was going to be very popular. It didn’t take long before she became a household name after her very fascinating relationship or friendship with fellow housemate, Tobi Bakre.

A lot of people basically watched the reality TV show daily just to catch a glimpse of the Lawyer turned reality TV star. She brought all the drama to the house and for her fans, it was all the energy they wanted.

After her stint in the house, many thought she would continue to the cover girl for drama. She made the headlines in 2019 when she deleted her Instagram page. Well, let’s just say the beautiful reality TV star got busy with other stuff and has decided to stay away from all the drama.

3. TBoss

One celebrity we believe was built to handle all the drama and controversies around is Tokunbo Idowu also known as TBoss. The reality TV star from the second season of Big Brother Naija remains one of the most popular and beautiful celebs to have taken part in the show.

TBoss’s stay in the Big Brother house was one engaging ride. A bit of drama here and there with some of the housemates, she became very popular in and outside the house. Not many were surprised when she made it to the last three standing at the end of the reality TV show.

She even became more controversial after her exit from the house. From her rumoured relationship with a certain politician and music mogul, Ubi Franklin (She denied both relationships), and several social media meltdowns, TBoss certainly knows how to remain in the news.

4. Mercy

Mercy Eke oozed of so much class and style the moment she walked into the Big Brother Naija house in its fourth season. Many viewers were swayed away by her beauty and curvy figure. That didn’t take the fact away that she had a character that was worth of observations.

In less a week into the show, Mercy was already in the mood to find a partner. Her relationship with fellow housemate, Ike became a major talking point amongst viewers. Now, it didn’t only end there, as we got to see the bad blood between fellow housemate Tacha and herself deteriorate.

Mercy’s altercation with Tacha saw the later’s disqualification from the show. Mercy and Tacha’s relationship hasn’t improved since the end of the show, rather they have both continued to shade each other on social media. Aside from that, Mercy has made several controversial statements on social media that have gotten people talking.

5. Nina

Nina Chinonso Onyenobi also known as Nina was one of the celebrities that was birthed from the third season of Big Brother Naija. She was initially perceived as a naive young girl who couldn’t face a crowd for fear of being ridiculed. With the help of her in-house boyfriend, Miracle, Nina grew her confidence and became a very bold and adorable person to watch.

Well, while everyone was rooting for the friendship she had with Miracle to move to the next level, let’s just say some relationships aren’t meant to happen. We think that was the beginning of the new and controversial Nina.

She has continued to make the headlines for so many reasons. If she isn’t trolling other celebrities, she is defending her marriage and all the rumours that have surrounded it.