If you are into suspense grilled action Telenovela and haven’t seen The General’s Daughter, you are missing out.

Amidst my busy schedule, I haven’t been this hooked to a series for a very long time. The plot of The General’s Daughter, for instance, may not be your typical romance film but it will surely make you sit on the edge of your seat. With a blend of amazing cast, The General’s Daughter is an action-packed series, full of suspense and a storyline crafted with so many twists that one can’t predict the next outcome.

The Filipino Action-Drama TV series, captures the fast-paced world of military mystery, with loads of commando-styled electrifying moments. The series depicts how politics and drugs could be entwined in a conspiracy of silence, corruption and violence. It revolves around the female lead: Angel Locsin, who alongside few others, seeks to avenge justice and orderliness in a society ravaged by drugs and illegal killings; a society that puts money and power at the disposal of the rich minority.

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Waaris is another series that has warmed its way not just into my heart, but also a delight in many homes. Waaris is an Indian series that draws its appeal from its strong societal theme and perfect dubbing into local dialects — Yoruba and Hausa. It unravels the menace of placing the male child above the girl-child in a society where prejudice against women is a norm and, then opens the lid on male-female equality. It airs every day at 8:30pm on ST Yoruba and 8:15pm on ST Dadinkowa.

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