Peace Anyiam-Osigwe urged cinema filmmakers to understudy the business model of Asaba filmmakers to be able to grow cinema audience.

Among industry practitioners, there exists an unspoken divide between makers of ‘Asaba’ movies and their cinema filmmaking counterpart.

Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) founder, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe recently shared some nuggets via Twitter on how the segregation is disadvantageous to the industry.

In the thread, Osigwe advised that for cinema filmmakers to grow cinema audience, they must leverage on both old and new talents.

“Our Core audience has not been converted to cinema goers. it will take the understanding of the influence of the business model of the “Asaba” “Alaba” “upper Iweka Road ” lpound road Aba” and idumota ,mix theory and practice we might finally get it right”, Osigwe shared.

The filmmaker emphasized on balance between the factions.