The actress schooled the troll about the importance of having honest conversations about domestic violence with family members.

Regina Askia has replied a troll on Facebook who called her out for speaking about marital issues with her son.

The troll slammed her for going public with what was supposed to be a private conversation.

You went on air to start talking about your marriage and the crisis that rocked. So what did you gain? All for the gram? At your age. Shame on you and everything you represent,” the troll wrote.

In her defense, Askia said the conversation with her son was an avenue for anyone to learn several things if anyone is involved in a domestic violent relationship.

The movie star had taken to her Instagram page on Sunday May 24, 2020, where she had a very honest conversation with her son, Rudy.

They got to talk about her separation from her husband which was a result of the physical, mental, and verbal abuses.

Regina Askia is married to Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Williams.

They are blessed with three children, Stephanie Hornecker, Teesa Olympia, and Rudolph Junior.