Recently, production outfit, Sourmash Stories released the title to their new movie – The New Normal, and it was met with an enormous response.

Sourmash stories gets social media agog with movie, "The New Normal"

Social media went ablaze with the title trending all day, receiving impressive acclaim on their outstanding audacity to share their movie title at a time when the entertainment industry worldwide is facing one of its biggest challenges.

The phrase, the new normal has become the world’s most used buzzword, stemming from the covid-19 pandemic. The world has changed. Millions of lives, systems, habits, activities, beliefs, behaviour, plans, goals and dreams, have taken a rather drastic dynamic turn. What we considered normal before may no longer be so. A common question on the lips of everyone in the bid to adapt to this unprecedented time is – What is The New Normal?

Sourmash stories gets social media agog with movie, "The New Normal"
Speaking on the interest the movie title release garnered, Teniola Olatoni – Sourmash Stories’ Creative Head who also produced and directed The New Normal reveals “When we created The New Normal, it was to use different scenarios to highlight critical, but little talked about issues that many of us face in our society, the things we take for granted that many others wouldn’t dare. We had no idea what was coming” she said.

Today, the world is collectively facing the biggest challenge of our lifetime and a new normal is fast becoming our reality. What exactly is The New Normal? Whose normal is it anyway?” Olatoni further explained, increasing the suspense now surrounding the movie.

 Teniola Olatoni - Sourmash Stories’ Creative Head and producer and director of "The New Normal"

The filmmaker who makes her directorial debut with The New Normal, could not conceal her excitement at the attention the movie is receiving. When asked to share further details about the film, movie premiere and distribution plans, Teniola Olatoni remained tight lipped, assuring already teeming fans that she can’t wait to share the work them. “I look forward to you all seeing it and hearing your comments. Till then, anticipate The New Normal” she said in a teaser video shared on social media.

A little birdie however informed us that the storyline is world class, with the cast made up of some of Nollywood’s biggest stars.

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