Simi says women ‘sweat a lot of blood’ just to achieve their goals.

Music star, Simi says she is worried at the struggles women go through just to succeed in a male-dominated world.

In a series of tweets posted via her Twitter page on Sunday, May 17, 2020, the music star couldn’t hide her anger over what women go through just to achieve the goals in the society.

I woke up angry today cos of a conversation I had before bed. Women are so strong. So OBVIOUSLY strong. You sweat blood for a spot at a table that disrespects your sweat. Then you spend EVERY SINGLE DAY convincing people you belong there. And the damn table isn’t even all that,” she tweeted.

And when you say “Fuck it. My life, my rules.” They ask why. It’s because it never ends. Nothing is ever enough. And complaining is a waste of time. This is why most of the women that STAY winning have to win on their own terms. Ass-kissing is exhausting.”

Simi is known to be quite vocal about women, feminism, and the need for equal rights.

Recall early in the year when she shared the now-famous controversial tweet about men and being vulnerable because of feminism

Feminism makes many men feel so vulnerable because you find that society that gave you your “superiority card” is starting to know (and want) better for women – and you dunno wtf to do. Lol. Gag is, if you support us, life is better for everyone. Don’t be afraid of Blue heart,” she tweeted.

She went to talk about the reason women have decided to become men which according to her is basically because of the benefits that come with it.