If you are planning on having a good laugh on TikTok, then here are some of the Nigerian celebs you definitely should be pitching your tents with.

Nigerian celebrities have found their way around TikTok and some of them have been interesting on the app [Instagram/KunleRemi] [Instagram/LilianEsoro]

Globally, social media apps have become a part of the daily lives of people and in the last few months, one app that has stood out is TikTok.

With the coronavirus pandemic around the world and the lockdown that followed, people had time to be creative with the use of TikTok which surged it’s ratings.

For a number of your favourite celebrities whose creative prowess has been underutilised because of the lockdown, Tik Tok has become their best bet at showing off not just their talents but the hilarious sides we had no prior knowledge of.

In no particular order, if you are planning on having a good laugh on Tik Tok, then here are some of the Nigerian celebs you definitely should be pitching your tents with.

1. Kunle Remi

Kunle Remi [Instagram/KunleRemiOfficial]

His videos have won him more fans and admirers all over. If Remi is not mimicking someone, he’s giving you a good laugh as he interprets these roles very well. No wonder he has been able to gain almost 57,000 followers and 237,000 likes in just a few months and still counting.

2. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji [Instagram/GenevieveNnaji]
Who wouldn’t want to follow Nigeria’s biggest actress on any app? Genevieve’s presence on social media is felt every so often and when it does its like a volcano that shakes the social mediasphere.

Unlike some celebs who post videos on Tik Tok almost every day, Nnaji graces her presence on the app once in a while to the admiration of her 64,000 followers. The movie star stuns everyone with her videos and we aren’t surprised she has been able to get over 74,000 likes even though she isn’t following anyone (Why Genevieve?).

3. Lilian Esoro

Lilian Esoro [Instagram/LilianEsoro]
It is no news that Esoro is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Nigeria but what’s news is her intimidating presence on Tik Tok. She has found her lane on the app of mimicking vidoes which always trends. That’s how influential she has become on the app.

With over 91,000 followers and an outstanding 250,000 likes, Esoro is unarguably one of the most popular and influential celebrities on Tik Tok. No wonder her account joins the emerging group of verified ones on the app.

4. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy [Instagram/DonJazzy]
Don Jazzy is probably among the first set of celebrities who jumped on Tik Tok and found their way around the app. He might be the most followed Nigerian celebrity on the app because he made it very popular in the country.

With a whopping 341,000 followers and 671,000 likes, the frisky music mogul can be described as the most entertaining celebrity on Tik Tok. Let’s just say the funniest Tik Tok videos can be found on Don Baba J’s page…no wonder his account is already verified.

5. Tacha

Tacha [Instagram/SymplyTacha]
Tacha might be a controversial celebrity but she sure does know how to win fans all over social media. Just like the other guys on this list, the reality TV star has become another Tik Tok sensation with her unique and sometimes hilarious videos.

The Titans have been able to find their way to the latest mobile to cheer their leader hence her verified account status with 247,000 followers and 793,000 likes.

6. Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo [Instagram/IyaboOjoFespris]
Ojo needs no introduction as she one of the biggest movies star in the country. On Tik Tok, she’s also one of the most viewed and funniest celebrities with over 257,000 likes and 60,000 loyal followers.

Ojo’s content versatility on Tik Tok is outstanding and she has in the last few months won so many people over.

7. Omoni Oboli

Age has nothing on Omoni Oboli as she has explored the new mobile app, showing her acting prowess with some of the most interesting videos ever. One thing that makes the actress and movie director stand out is her ability to include her family members especially her sons in her videos.
Even though her account is not verified, the mother of three has an impressive 85,000 followers with over 316,000 likes.