The fuss was a battle for recognition between two Yoruba content producers and their works.

At 10:09 am on Sunday, May 10, 2020, English-born actor of Nigerian descent, John Boyega took to his Twitter page to look for anyone who could interpret a two-minute skit he had dropped two days earlier in the Yoruba language. Boyega’s tweet was more like a call for creatives to do their thing and get him wowed.

A lot of people who commented under the post suggested a Yoruba content producer, Olalekan Olaleye known on social media as Lekan King Kong. While Boyega had some else in mind, Lekan’s video skits and mastery of Yoruba language made his followers believe he was a good fit.

Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba aka Agba and Olalekan Olaleye aka Lekan King Kong battled. (Ynaija)
At 10:43 am, the actor tweeted again. This time, he specifically mentioned a Yoruba content creator, Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba simply known as Agba on Twitter to narrate the skit in Yoruba.

Apparently, Boyega has been seeing Agba’s works on his timeline and he believed the soft-spoken entertainer was up to the task.

Twelve minutes later, Boyega mentioned Agba in another tweet asking him to go ahead with the Yoruba narration of the skit and also asked him to do it right. That happened minutes after Agba had shown up to take the challenge.

Meanwhile, Lekan King Kong also known as Agba Inaki had asked Boyega if he could do the voice over for the skit too. Without approval, he went ahead and dropped his version of the voice-over in no time.

This marked the beginning of the fuss, as many Nigerians believed Lekan took advantage of Agba’s moment to shine.

By midday, Agba had become the main subject on Twitter. The bulk of the conversation was more about Lekan being a disingenuous fellow using his craft to block another person’s moment of glory.

A lot of Agba’s fans on Twitter accused Lekan of hurriedly submitting his unrequested content. Many even said he should have waited till after Agba dropped his skit.

But while Agba’s fans on Twitter fought his battle, calling out Lekan for his ‘unsolicited effort’ and accusing him of stealing their entertainer’s spotlight, Agba went behind the scene to do what he enjoys doing.

Explaining why he submitted his voice over for the skit, the South-Africa based content producer was said to have claimed that he didn’t know Agba was specifically mentioned in another tweet. He said he only reacted to Boyega’s first tweet that anyone would have taken as a call out for creatives.

The conversation dragged on for hours between Agba’s followers and Agba Inaki’s fans.

In the end, everyone turned out to be a winner. Boyega acknowledged both Agba and Lekan for their efforts. He praised Agba for smashing it and hailed Lekan for coming up with ‘another version’.

He also appeased the warring fans of both creatives saying the skit was not a competition, adding that both Agba and Agba Inaki (Lekan) had their twists to the voice over and he enjoyed it.

The battle of the two Agbas ended, and now their followers on Twitter and Instagram are expecting something to come out of the fuss.

Unlike political topics, this subject was a battle for recognition between two Yoruba content producers and their works. It has nothing to do with the usual gbas-gbos, neither did it involve hailing a hero or dragging a villain. It was just a matter of work ethics and that’s all.