All you need to know if quality time is your partner’s love language.

While all the love languages applies to everyone in some way, there is always one which is predominant and you’ll know this by the things they seem to enjoy most… the things that seem to make them feel loved and in love most.

If you’ve noticed or asked and found that your partner enjoys spending quality time with you more than anything else, here is a helpful list of the best things you can always do make them know just how much you love them:

1. Quality time

It is not enough to just be with him or her. Can the time spent together be described as quality?

People who have this love language want to feel close to you and want you to enjoy it as much as they do. They’ll feel some type of way of way if you actually spend time with them but look and act bored while at it.

Not spending time or refusing to keenly listen to your partner while at it will affect that relationship badly. It’s very important to understand this because everyone goes through periods where life gets busy.

But, you just have to find a way to feed that need of your partner.

2. Involve them

These type of partners rarely turn down invitations or refuse to go out with you.

Even if you are going on a short walk, running errands, going for ‘boring’ events… whatever it is, it’ll be a pleasure to go, just because you will be there.

3. Keep distractions minimal

Sounds difficult, yeah?

Well, if your husband’s love language is quality time, he’s not going to feel so loved if you have your mind on other things on in other places when you are spending time with him.

Your girlfriend or wife who understands only this love language is super-pained if you’re using your phone when she’s there with you.

Don't let the routine of daily family life get between your and the romance you share with your boo [Credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images]

4. Deep conversations

They never get tired, so far you are filling them in on stuff going on in your life or other quality conversation.

They feel most connected with you if they’re getting this.

5. Be considerate

When you’re very busy, consider small ways you can sneak time together.

Also actively setting date nights, game nights, question games and other things to spice up your time together will do your relationship a lot of good.