According to the singer, he was abandoned by close friends after the accident which made him relocate to Warri to learn a trade.

Nigeria music veteran, Daddy Showkey has recounted the time he was abandoned by close friends after a freak car accident and had to start all over again from scratch.

According to the music star, in an Instagram live chat with a friend, he had to start earning an income back in 2010 after a car accident that almost took his life.

When I get accident around 2007, I run my car under trailer, I dey come back from Olu Maintain birthday. As I get accident, I dey for hospital for three years, I nor fit work. When I came back from abroad, the doctor advised me to stop dancing and singing,” he said.

When I come back, the people wen go come meet me, I go dash the millions, when I go their house, them go tell their gateman make them lock gate, make the gateman tell me say dem nor dey.

John Asiemo but is known as Daddy Showkey is a veteran Nigerian ‘Galala’ singer.

His genre of music is called ghetto dance or simply ghetto.

He made waves in the 1990s with so many hit songs including ‘Diana,’ ‘Fire Fire‘ and ‘Ghetto Soldier.’