Most times, it is better to break up than take breaks.

When partners decide to take a break from their relationship for any reason, it means they have an agreement to pull back from each other and from every or most of the activities that they would normally do together as a couple.

For the duration of the break, contact, communication and other relationship activities are either cut off or reduced to the barest minimum.

These breaks go on for at least one month and in some instances, six months or more.

Below we list all the reasons why taking these breaks is a bad idea for your relationship.

1. A break doesn’t necessarily solve your relationship problems

When you choose to go on a break, it does not mean that things will automatically get good when you come back together.

The key to then making it work afterwards is to address the reasons why you went on a break. Otherwise, you are just going to end up back in the same situations you were in before you went on that break.

2. You leave the door open to affairs

With a relationship break comes the freedom to entertain others. Don’t think it won’t happen.

3. Doubts could creep in

It’s only natural to question your relationship if you’re headed for a break. Questions like; are we really doing the right thing at all? Are we even supposed to be together? Is this relationship even strong enough to weather the storm? Do we have what it takes to build a future together?

These are questions that will set in your heart and cause doubts about the whole relationship.