The actress says taking care of family members before spreading the love outside should be top priority for Nigerians doing giveaways amid coronavirus.

Nollywood actress, Sharon Ooja has advised Nigerians who have become famous for giveaways in recent times due to coronavirus to start from their families.

Since the emergence of the virus, several celebrities have spread their hands of love by giving out to the less privileged. The actress took to her Instagram stories on Thursday, April 23, 2020, where she advised Nigerians not to be heroes in the streets, while their families are languishing in poverty.

As you are doing giveaway, make sure your mom is not queuing outside for Covid-19 rice. Let’s be guided. Help as much as you can but charity begins at home. Send money to your family members,” she wrote.

You see that aunty that always calls, send her money. That cousin, send him or her money. Help all your extended family!!! Times are hard, do not be a hero in the street and your family members are begging.

The surge of coronavirus in the country has seen a lot of celebrities spreading their hand of love to the less privileged in the country.

From online giveaways to sharing of food and toiletries, we’ve seen these celebrities extend their benevolence to the poor and needy.